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Category: French

Edwin’s Leadership and Restaurant Institute

7 May, 2015 | French | By: Mrs Z

I’m not even sure what to say about Edwin’s!  Not only was it a truly incredible meal; but the “mission” is totally heartwarming.  Edwin’s is a very quaint French restaurant located right in Shaker Square.  The inside is lovely, but the outside patio is quite nice as well and since the weather was very cooperative, […]

Bon Vivant

7 August, 2014 | French | By: Mrs Z

Probably the one and only time we ventured to this cool little neighborhood, was several years ago when our ‘adventures’ took us to Boulevard Blue.  Since then, we hadn’t given much thought to the area so we’d forgotten what a treasure this was in terms of quaint little (and not so little) eateries!  Bon Vivant […]

Bistro Beaujolais

17 June, 2008 | French | By: Mr Z

A very nice little French restaurant with pretty good food.  The menu wasn’t terribly large and some of the dishes didn’t “sound” French, but the atmosphere was nice and cozy and the service was good.  Our entrees were a little cold when they arrived, but passable.  We felt it was a bit overpriced, but would […]