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Tag: Parma

Mission BBQ

14 December, 2017 | BBQ | By: Mrs Z

I have to admit that when I found out we were going to another BBQ place, I didn’t get terribly excited, but WOW…… this wasn’t just your average BBQ joint!  Probably the coolest thing about Mission BBQ is the backstory – why it was founded and by whom!  Please visit their website to read their […]

The Hot Dog Diner & Burger Co.

8 November, 2016 | Traditional / American, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Oh my gosh – if you’re a hot dog fan like we are; there are so many different combinations to choose from, as well as burgers, gyros, chicken sandwiches and a HUGE selection of yummy-sounding sides.  They also have almost as many side dishes, as well as quite the assortment of different flavors of ketchup […]

Fast Eddie’s

6 November, 2015 | Bar, Bistro | By: Mrs Z

Many of you may remember the original Fast Eddie’s of so long ago.  I’m not even sure how long it’s been closed, but we were thrilled to hear it had returned – in Parma no less!  We had been to Pizzeria Cerino’s in Lakewood before they (closed/moved) and were really surprised to see that the […]

Grillers Pub

12 November, 2014 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

About the only thing I can say about this neighborhood bar is that their website is, by far, more impressive than the actual bar itself and that their Philly Cheesesteaks are as good as they claim!  Otherwise, there really isn’t  much to say.  Our server (who also doubled as the bartender) was good – attentive […]

Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet

14 October, 2014 | Chinese, Japanese | By: Mrs Z

I’ve never been much of a fan of buffets since it’s really hard to maintain food quality when it’s sitting over steaming water, or under heat lamps for any period of time!  Unfortunately, this really wasn’t much different, BUT…..being honest, I can’t say that we were disappointed since most everything we tried was “ok” and […]

Harry Buffalo

18 March, 2014 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

There’s really not much to be said about this chain sports bar!  It was “good enough”.  We ventured out in a snow storm, so we didn’t want to go far and this happened to be where we ended up.  Since it wasn’t too crowded, the service was pretty good.  The garlic-parmesean wings (I ordered) were […]

Tony’s Family Restaurant

5 September, 2012 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

If you’re in the mood for a pretty good, homecooked meal for very little $$, then this is definitely the place to go!  Though it wasn’t much to look at on the inside (meaning, it probably hadn’t been updated or remodeled in the past 15+ years), it seemed to be clean and the staff were […]

Fox and Hound English Pub

6 June, 2012 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We were surprised when we arrived at this place since not only had we never heard of it before, but I guess weren’t expecting anything quite this large (or “updated” looking) in that area.  I’m not quite sure why they call themselves an “English pub” though, since the only menu item remotely resembling anything “English” […]

Post -N Beam

3 April, 2012 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

This place was the total definition of “dive bar”, from the old, dark interior to the smell of stale cigarrette smoke leftover from the old days! The GOOD news was that the food was amazing! Got off to a rocky start with the service, but once an actual server was located, she was very attentive after […]

Ice House

7 February, 2012 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We wanted someplace relatively close and had heard about this place, so we figured we’d give it a try. A “bar” in every sense of the word, but amazingly good pierogis and really good sandwiches. Service was good as well. Can’t beat the $$ either.