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Tag: Medina

Square 17

14 July, 2019 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

A cool place that had formerly been Main Street Cafe (right next door to the Hunan House on the square in Medina).  Unfortunately, the very BEST thing (and possibly the only redeeming quality) about Square 17 was our server, Kristen (and possibly the menu SELECTIONS themselves). Because Kristen was so sweet and attentive, and tried so hard […]

P J Marley’s

4 June, 2015 | Bar and Grill, Pub | By: Mrs Z

I would love to be able to say that we absolutely LOVED this place, however….. just can’t do it!  You’d think that someplace that was close, relatively new, had a pretty cool atmosphere AND was relatively inexpensive would be #1 on our go-to list; but unfortunately, cool as their menu was – we simply didn’t […]

Twisted – Sushi Grill – Bar

23 April, 2015 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

Even though the reviews of this relatively new place were somewhat on the negative side; we decided to give it a try anyway.  Ironically, most of the reviews commented on ‘poor service’ and that was the probably the one thing that we found to be outstanding! Initially we were under the impression that they served […]

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

19 December, 2014 | BBQ | By: Mrs Z

There are so many things I COULD say about this place…..but I’ll try to be generous!  First, since it’s a chain restaurant; not all locations are likely to provide exactly the same experience.  We happened to choose the one that was closest to us which may not be indicative of all of the Dickey’s across […]

On Tap Grille

14 October, 2014 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

As sports bars go – this one rates up there among the best!  We checked out their new Medina location and were blown away by the huge patio!  The menu was pretty extensive, offering a little of ‘everything’.  Though there weren’t too many actual ‘entrees’ to choose from, most people don’t ordinarily go to a […]

111 Bistro

8 September, 2014 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

A recent addition to the long corridor of Rt. 18 in Medina, this place was quite a find!  Our only hope is that it “catches on”.  Tucked back in the corner of an almost new strip center right at Rt. 18 and I-71, 111 Bistro is quite a step up from the typical sports bars […]

Sully’s Irish Pub

16 May, 2014 | Irish | By: Mrs Z

I was so excited to finally be able to try this place after having driven right by it probably dozens of times and never even having noticed it.  Nor had we ever heard anyone mention it, at all.  My first attempt had been a couple of months ago (the day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day) and […]

Lager & Vine

2 April, 2014 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

I’m not sure I know the difference between a Gastropub and a Bistro; but from what I have read; this place falls under the category of a “Gastropub”!!!  Their Medina location is relatively new (they also have a Hudson store), so we were pleasantly surprised to see that something new had opened relatively close to […]

Timber Lodge

18 June, 2013 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Quite a few years ago, we had visited Steve’s Dakota Grille shortly after it opened for business.  Our first experience was fairly negative (to say the least).  We decided it was just due to the fact that they were new and still working out the kinks (don’t want to use the word “bugs” relative to […]

On Tap Grille and Bar

14 November, 2012 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

Sometimes a bar isn’t ‘just a bar’.  While this place wasn’t too impressive on the outside (though they had a great patio in the back which, unfortunately, couldn’t be used this time of year); the inside was larger and nicer than we had expected.  Our server was great – very attentive and friendly – and […]