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Category: sandwiches / soups / salads

Next Door American Eatery

20 October, 2019 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

I guess the overall concept of Next Door American Eatery deserves a thumbs-up, but honestly, we were both pretty unimpressed!  I totally understand the direction that many places are trying to take with the more healthy, “clean”, Vegan, GMO, etc.-conscious menus, but NDAE’s menu wasn’t that big to begin with, so with most of the […]

Town Hall Ohio City

18 January, 2016 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

If you don’t mind a crowd (overflowing), noise (lots), and waiting (30-40 minutes on a Tuesday); this place is amazing!  Their menu is vast and very interesting; with many organic and vegan choices. I went with the chipotle sweet potato skins and the harvest salad.  Both were amazing and I’d have a hard time NOT […]


19 August, 2015 | sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

This was a total departure from our typical Tuesday night adventure; however, it was one of those times when the “decision-maker” wanted something different, close and low-budget!  Well, with Zoup we got 2 out of 3! Their most recently added location happens to be in the Greens of Strongsville and not really being fast-food patrons; […]

Station 43 Tavern

9 December, 2014 | Bar, Pizza, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

Though we’ve driven past this place many times over the years, we may never have stopped in had we not been in the area for other reasons.  Nothing too fancy, inside or out, but the authentic “firehouse” décor adds some interest to the inside.  The good news is that this small bar/grille had a pretty […]

AJ’s Urban Grill

19 December, 2013 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

What a cool little place this was and very surprising that it wasn’t brand new since we had never been there before.  We’ve been over in this area many times and never noticed it, but the fact that it’s set back in a little non-descript strip center might be the reason for that.  In any […]

French Quarter Cafe

14 December, 2010 | sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mr Z

Surprise – no liquor license, therefore no beer or wine!  They serve only sandwiches, wraps, soups AND specialty coffees.  If that’s what you’re in the market for, then this was pretty good.

Joseph Beth Bistro

9 December, 2008 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mr Z

This was a little cafe inside the bookstore.  Their menu was not too big, but but what they did offer was made-to-order and pretty good.  Since their primary business is done at lunchtime, I don’t think they’re used to more than one or two guests in the evening, so not anxious to get people in and out.  […]

Melt Bar and Grill

24 June, 2008 | Bar, Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

OMG what an awesome place.  Cheese, cheese and more cheese – combined with everything under the sun.  Unless you are very hungry or are planning to share – this is not the place to go.  The sandwiches were outrageously huge, but SO good!

Bella Moon

15 January, 2008 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mr Z

Formerly Hunter’s Pub – there was nothing noteworthy about this place.  Sort of dark and old inside and both the food and the service were just mediocre (or less).  With all of the fabulous restaurants out there, we can’t see any reason to go back.


31 July, 2007 | sandwiches / soups / salads, Seafood | By: Mr Z

Wow, after finally finding it, it was very good.  Definitely NOT a fancy place.  No table service – counter order and pickup, but outstanding grouper sandwiches (which is the reason we sought it out).  To look at this place, I’m not sure what made us even go in.  It was really rundown and pretty nasty […]