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Tag: Bay Village


17 August, 2010 | Fine Dining, Italian | By: Mrs Z

OMG – totally overpriced, the food was terrible; the service was OK (barely) but a very limited menu and it certainly wasn’t “Italian” as they claimed to be. We could have made a mortgage payment for what it cost for the 2 of us.  Such a shame since it’s in a beautiful setting and could be […]


24 February, 2009 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

It was recommended by friends who said it was “outstanding” both from a food and service standpoint.  We didn’t find either to be even close!  There are so many outstanding Italian restaurants to choose from that we would have no reason at all to ever return here.

Green Island

12 August, 2008 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

This place was just ok.  I think that their big claim to fame was that used only organic or locally-grown ingredients, and while that’s good and admirable, I think they forgot the seasoning and spices!  Everything was very bland and tasteless (and we tried several things).  The service was just average as well.