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Tag: Middleburg Hts.

Thirst & Ten

12 October, 2019 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

I have to say that at first sight, I had some serious doubts about this place!  I think that if you look up “Dive Bar” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure their picture is right there, but all snarkiness aside, we went in anyway and definitely had zero regrets.  Don’t get me wrong, the atmosphere […]

Bagley Grill

11 May, 2019 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

I have to first say that we’ve passed Bagley Grill at least 100 times since they opened 5 years ago, and in fact we’ve regularly eaten at the Chinese restaurant right next door to them for the past 20+ years, yet we’ve never had any interest in going in for a meal.  If I’m being […]

Bistro on 130

26 January, 2019 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

Tucked into a sad, mostly empty strip center at the corner of W. 130th and Sprague (the space formerly occupied by #1 Pho), Bistro on 130 may very well be the best thing that has happened to that area in……well – EVER!  Absolutely amazing – in fact, it was so good that we are really […]

Blue Jade Chinese Restaurant

8 November, 2016 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

We were shocked when we found out how long Blue Jade has been in this location—20 years!  We’ve probably driven right by it a hundred times and never even noticed it.  The owner mentioned that may be due to poor signage, but regardless, we were thrilled to find an alternative to our ‘usual’ neighborhood Chinese […]

3 Brothers Pizza

25 August, 2016 | Italian, Pizza | By: Mrs Z

We didn’t realize how long 3 Brothers had been open, but have passed it several times without giving it much thought.  In fact, we didn’t even know it was a dine-in restaurant.  We assumed it was takeout pizza and MAYBE sandwiches.  Wow, were we mistaken.   It’s located in the strip center on Pearl Road where […]

Stonebrook Clubhouse (and Driving Range)

18 December, 2015 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, Pub, Steak / Seafood, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

This place may be the best kept secret in the area, because we’ve driven by there many, many times since they’ve been open and NEVER knew it was a restaurant in addition to being a driving range and golf school, therefore I am hoping to spread the word…..Stonebrook is AWESOME! Their menu was a big […]

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

13 February, 2013 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

This may be one of my ‘least wordy’ commentaries since this particular place wasn’t a conscious choice, but more of a ‘fallback’ since time was short and no forethought or pre-planning was able to go into it.  Overall, it was an “ok” Mexican restaurant, even though it is a chain and (without remembering) we had […]


31 January, 2012 | Italian | By: Mr Z

Little Italian place that’s been around as long as we’ve been in Cleveland, but oddly, we’ve never been there . The food was OK, although the sauce was a little sweet. Service was OK – not one of those places we MUST re-visit!

TeamZ Ssports Bar

20 December, 2011 | Sports Bar | By: Mr Z

Located on the site of the old Sheldon Road Inn, there was nothing at all  familiar about it. Definitely a sports bar theme (not unique…. just a bar with a bunch of TVs) with a sports bar menu. Completely remodeled inside and still smelled like brand new wood. Service was good, burgers and fries were […]

Islander Bar

22 February, 2011 | Bar | By: Mr Z

Somewhat restricted by bad weather, we decided to stay close to home.  The burgers were great as was the service, etc.  Since this is truly a neighborhood bar, the menu was limited to bar food with a few ‘homemade’ things like meatloaf, etc.  Reasonable prices and friendly servers would make it easy to go back […]