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Tag: Cleveland


12 October, 2019 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

I’m not sure how to even begin with regarding Palazzo except….OMG this place is AMAZING, particularly only having been open since June 1 of this year!  I happened across an article (attached) on Cleveland.com talking about how the owner had driven by this old, very sad looking building, in a not so great area and […]

Blue Habanero

1 August, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

I am almost ashamed to be posting this for public viewing, but even though it won the #1 spot as Cleveland’s BEST Mexican restaurant; we were totally UNIMPRESSED with Blue Habanero!  Though I’ve never put too much stock in reviews, be it movies or restaurants (which is why I reiterate that this blog is strictly […]

Rib Cage Smokehouse

30 March, 2019 | BBQ | By: Mrs Z

While we had a few minor complaints about our experience at Rib Cage Smokehouse; overall, it was probably some of the best BBQ we’ve ever had!  They have 2 locations – Cleveland Heights and the location we went to, Ohio City.  The Tuesday night we were there, the place was completely empty when we arrived […]


8 March, 2019 | Bar and Grill | By: Mrs Z

A most interesting and cool little place!  Though it took us a while to find (even GPS was having a tough time), it was worth the search.  As the write-up I had come across stated, it’s definitely a cozy little neighborhood tavern that happens to serve an abundance of craft beers and some really unique […]

George’s Kitchen

15 December, 2018 | Deli / Diner, Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

Maybe it’s this time of year, but I find myself thinking of soup quite a bit lately and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hearty, thick, stew-like soup, or your basic chicken noodle; but when I was looking online for some ideas for this ‘Tuesday Night’ and happened across the winners of the “Best Soup […]

Bourbon Street Barrel Room

18 November, 2018 | Cajun / Creole | By: Mrs Z

Honestly, this place comes about as close to actually being in New Orleans as you could find outside the French Quarter.  The décor throughout the restaurant mimics many places along Bourbon Street and their menu is truly amazing and absolutely huge.  Additionally, our server Rox, was just the best!  She was really attentive, answered every […]

Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant

24 June, 2018 | Ethiopian | By: Mrs Z

This experience was somewhat of a disappointment.  I had been led to believe that this was a very authentic, “fine dining” Ethiopian restaurant and while both of the servers present were definitely Ethiopian, only one of them was able to communicate.  Sadly, it wasn’t the girl that had our table.  When dining in a restaurant […]

Minh Anh Vietnamese Restaurant

13 October, 2017 | Vietnamese | By: Mrs Z

On the advice of a friend, we decided to try this Vietnamese restaurant since (based on what we had heard), their Won Ton soup was THE BEST.  Though Won Ton soup is typically Chinese, this place had an interesting take on it and once you got used to the fact that it is a bit […]

Hansa Brewery

16 August, 2017 | Eastern European | By: Mrs Z

This was an excellent find!  Being big fans of Eastern European cuisine, we were thrilled to stumble upon this very cool place on Lorain and W. 28th.  The owner, Boris, was very sociable and engaging, and visited with all of the patrons, spending a good bit of time at each table.  One very funny thing […]

Rubin’s Restaurant and Deli

27 January, 2017 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

After several strike-outs, we ended up at Rubin’s.  Please note that while we have been aware of its existence for many years, we just haven’t chosen to check it out and probably wouldn’t have on this occasion except for the fact that for various reasons, the other choices didn’t pan out. Also let it be […]