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Tag: Strongsville

Harvest Saloon

24 June, 2018 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

YUCK!!!!  How does that expression go…… “a rose by any other name is still a rose” (or something like that); well for the past 30 years, this strip center sports bar has been Cleats (TWICE) and most recently, after having been closed for a while, is now Harvest Saloon.  In recent years, this particular Cleats […]

1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

24 August, 2017 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

If you’re a pizza lover, this is a must try!  Basically, you build your own pizza – choosing from different crusts, sauces and toppings!  I have to say, though I “like” Pizza Fire; 1000 Degrees differs greatly in many ways….it’s better and you can add as many different toppings (veggies, cheeses and meats) as you […]

Square 22

17 November, 2016 | Bistro, Fine Dining | By: Mrs Z

It’s always exciting when a new restaurant comes to our area; particularly given what (and who) we knew about what went into making Square 22 a reality.  Though it is a most welcome addition to the area; we are keeping our fingers crossed that since they’ve only been open a few weeks, the coming days/weeks […]

Johnny J’s Pub & Grille

19 October, 2016 | Bar and Grill, Irish | By: Mrs Z

This Irish-style bar and grille, though not really ‘new’ to Strongsville (formerly Johnny Malloy’s), has been recently renamed and remodeled and is a really great addition to the area.  The inside is really warm and inviting and VERY large.  There is an outdoor patio, and while that’s always a good thing; looking out on a […]


25 August, 2016 | Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Having been to an O’Charley’s once while in another state a few years ago, we were quite excited to find out that one was opening in our neighborhood.  Little did we know that the typical wait-time for the first 3 months, regardless of what day of the week we tried, was going to be 60-90 […]


3 March, 2016 | Indian | By: Mrs Z

Bhelwala Indian Street Food is one of Strongsville’s newer additions to their ever-growing list of restaurants and a welcome addition it is!  I could go into a lengthy story about how it works and its origin, however their website is so awesome and so complete; it explains it all.  I will say that for someone […]

Crown of India

9 February, 2016 | Indian | By: Mrs Z

I’m still having a hard time containing my excitement with regard to Crown of India!  The fact that Strongsville now has an authentic Indian restaurant, and one as exceptional as Crown of India, is truly a feather in their cap!  This big “win” is made even better by the fact that Mr. Z (who is […]


19 August, 2015 | sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

This was a total departure from our typical Tuesday night adventure; however, it was one of those times when the “decision-maker” wanted something different, close and low-budget!  Well, with Zoup we got 2 out of 3! Their most recently added location happens to be in the Greens of Strongsville and not really being fast-food patrons; […]

D.C. Pasta Co.

22 August, 2012 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

FINALLY…I think we may have found a winner with D.C. Pasta Co.!!  Everything that has been in this location over the past several years just seemed destined to fail with the closing of LeVolte Grille, Portofino’s, and most recently Palate’s (I may have missed a few in there); however D.C. Pasta Co. (getting it’s name from well-known […]

Rosewood Grille

15 August, 2012 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Our anticipation was finally rewarded lastnight with our first visit to Strongsville’s newest dining establishment.  Though we had never been to the location in Hudson, we had dined at all of the other restaurants owned by this group (Cabin Club, Blue Point, Salmon Dave’s, and Delmonicos to name a few) and had always been more […]