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Category: Wine Bar / Small Plates

Cantine Bottle Shop

21 January, 2016 | Bar, Bistro, Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mrs Z

I will apologize in advance to those out there who have come to really like CANTINE….we simply are not fans!  Not that we had a negative experience, or that there is anything wrong with it; we just aren’t fans of limited menus and craft beers (ONLY)! We visited Cantine with the mistaken idea that it […]

Edgar’s Restaurant

1 August, 2013 | Bistro, Fine Dining, Traditional / American, Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mrs Z

This place was absolutely phenomenal and quite an “accidental surprise”!  Knowing that we were going to be running some errands in an area that we weren’t too familiar with, Mr. Z had pre-selected two different choices prior to us heading out.  Once we had finished our errands, he put the first address in the GPS […]


12 January, 2010 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A really neat little wine bar offering “small plates”. Their menu was very limited, only 4 appetizers, 4 entrees and 4 “Tartines” (sandwiches), but everything we tried was very tasty and reasonably-priced.

2182 Wine Bar

30 September, 2008 | Fine Dining, Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A really quaint little place right at the corner of Brecksville Road and Rt. 82 (thus the name “2182”).  We really enjoyed this whole experience.  Both the food and the service were outstanding, as was the overall atmosphere.

Downtown 140

1 April, 2008 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A very cool little wine bar with excellent food.  Most everything was “small plates” but their small plates werent’ THAT small and we were certainly able to make a substantial meal with a couple of the menu items.  Amazing wine selection for sure, but NOT cheap!

Grovewood Tavern Wine Bar

27 March, 2007 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

We almost had to pack an overnight bag for this one (at least 40+ miles one way!)  The menu was really interesting and unique and the food and service good.  Not sure we’d return though unless we happened to be ‘in the area’.

Claire’s Winery

16 January, 2007 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mrs Z

Very unimpressive, both the decor, atmosphere, service AND FOOD.  It was just ‘so-so’ and we can’t see any reason why we’d go back!  Update – closed shortly after our initial visit, so apparently others found it to be just ‘so-so’ as well.