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Category: Sports Bar


18 November, 2018 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, Mexican, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

Condado is amazing!!!  Though we’ve been to Barrio (Lakewood location), and similar as they are, somehow our experience at Condado just totally exceeded our expectations.  This was no small accomplishment on their part since they had only opened this location 3 days before our visit and EVERYTHING was running just as smoothly as though they’d […]

Avon Brewing Company

18 November, 2018 | Bar and Grill, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We tried ABC at someone’s suggestion, and while we’d probably go back, we weren’t overly impressed with our experience.  Our server, Jake, was awesome….very friendly and helpful, but I felt like he almost “oversold” everything on the menu.  Since we usually don’t stray too far from our usual domestic, bottled beer, you really can’t visit […]

Harvest Saloon

24 June, 2018 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

YUCK!!!!  How does that expression go…… “a rose by any other name is still a rose” (or something like that); well for the past 30 years, this strip center sports bar has been Cleats (TWICE) and most recently, after having been closed for a while, is now Harvest Saloon.  In recent years, this particular Cleats […]

The Merchant Tavern

13 October, 2017 | Pub, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

AWESOME place and definitely bigger and better inside than it appears from the parking lot.  At first glance, one would think that they only had your typical bar food…..burgers, wings, etc., and while they do have a nice selection of those, they have quite an extensive and diverse menu; the chef (not ‘cook’) is very […]


26 September, 2017 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

Well, after having tried this same place under the various names and owners (and a few different names with the same owner) over the past 10+ years; we were a little disappointed to find that (in our opinion) they still haven’t quite found the secret! Having most recently operated under the name of CARIBBEAN COWBOY, […]

Ray’s Place of Fairlawn

28 February, 2017 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We just happened to have a reason to be at Summit Mall on this Tuesday evening, so we figured we’d check out our options in that area and since we had been to most of the places right there at the mall, this looked like a possibility.  WAY bigger on the inside than it looked […]

Town Hall Ohio City

18 January, 2016 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

If you don’t mind a crowd (overflowing), noise (lots), and waiting (30-40 minutes on a Tuesday); this place is amazing!  Their menu is vast and very interesting; with many organic and vegan choices. I went with the chipotle sweet potato skins and the harvest salad.  Both were amazing and I’d have a hard time NOT […]

Yard House

3 December, 2015 | Bistro, Sports Bar, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Having heard that Yard House was “coming soon” and then being told that we “absolutely HAD to try it”, we did!  Very cool place, but if you’re looking for an intimate, quiet place to carry on conversation; this is NOT the place!  Also, if you’re a first-timer, you should allow at least 15 minutes to […]

Mastro’s 3 Spot

26 August, 2015 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

The way that we wound up at this place is so ridiculous, I’m not sure I even want to share it, but it does make for a good story, so here goes……..it was “my Tuesday night” and events of the day had prevented me from doing my research, thus at the end of the work-day, […]

Felix & Oscar’s Pub

18 August, 2015 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

I’m ashamed that it has taken me a full week to get this posted; particularly since we were very anxious to share it with everyone!  The gigantic space at the corner of Clague and Detroit Roads, formerly occupied by Panini’s (and M Bistro before that, and originally the legendary Panorama) is now Felix and Oscar’s […]