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22 March, 2019 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Another one of Lakewood’s cool little spots!  Sarita is much larger once you get inside, than it appears from the street.  We had no reservations, but fortunately we arrived early enough to have our pick of tables (thanks to the really nice hostess).  Since the place was still pretty empty when we arrived, we had […]

The Hot Dog Diner & Burger Co.

8 November, 2016 | Traditional / American, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Oh my gosh – if you’re a hot dog fan like we are; there are so many different combinations to choose from, as well as burgers, gyros, chicken sandwiches and a HUGE selection of yummy-sounding sides.  They also have almost as many side dishes, as well as quite the assortment of different flavors of ketchup […]


25 December, 2007 | Steak / Seafood, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Formerly “Jackie’s Casual Cuisine” (how could we forget THAT place) and Chester’s before that; this was pretty much a typical steak house.  The service was prompt and polite – not overly friendly, but good.  Our steaks were “ok”.  It wasn’t Hyde Park quality by far, but then we also weren’t paying Hyde Park prices.  It […]