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Tag: Ohio City

Bakersfield Tequila and Tacos

24 August, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

While we have absolutely nothing (really) negative to say about Bakersfield Tacos, I don’t think we can think of any reason that we’d have to revisit.  The concept is great though not unique, as is evidenced by the variety of other similar places scattered throughout the area. They were busier than I thought they’d be […]

Soho Chicken & Whiskey

20 January, 2019 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

PHENOMENAL!!  That pretty much sums it up in one word.  Though their menu isn’t very big, there are enough items to satisfy pretty much anyone.  I mean, seriously…..who doesn’t love a deliciously juicy inside and amazingly crispy outside huge chicken breast, paired with a light, fluffy Belgian waffle accompanied by yummy maple syrup?  What’s not […]

Town Hall Ohio City

18 January, 2016 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

If you don’t mind a crowd (overflowing), noise (lots), and waiting (30-40 minutes on a Tuesday); this place is amazing!  Their menu is vast and very interesting; with many organic and vegan choices. I went with the chipotle sweet potato skins and the harvest salad.  Both were amazing and I’d have a hard time NOT […]

Bar Centro

7 July, 2009 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

We had heard great things about this place in Ohio City, and I’m not sure exactly what we were expecting, but were a little disappointed at the very limited menu.  Since there weren’t too many things that sounded appealing, we ended up ordering burgers and WOW, they were fabulous – as were the fries (served […]

Flying Fig

22 January, 2008 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

While we really love the Ohio City / Tremont area and have enjoyed most of the places we’ve visited there, this wasn’t one of our ‘favorites’.  There was nothing particularly bad or wrong, just nothing to really stand out as “OMG we HAVE to go back there”!  The food and service were just okay!

The Harp

1 January, 2008 | Irish | By: Mr Z

A wonderful Irish restaurant!  Since it’s been around forever, I’m surprised we’d never tried it before.  Everything we had was very good and the service was excellent – very friendly and responsive.  Highly recommend one of the 3 “boxtys” they offer!  I had the corned beef one which was corned beef, swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, folded […]

Parker’s New American Bistro

20 November, 2007 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

This was a pretty interesting menu.  Everything sounded normal, but each description emphasized “locally-grown” and “completely organic” and while we didn’t expect this to have a drastic change on the dishes, nothing had much flavor.  Whether this was due to the organic preparation, etc. or whether they just didn’t believe in seasoning we never figured […]