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Tag: Brunswick

Mucho Bueno

28 April, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

In spite of the fact that Mucho Bueno was listed among the 20 finalists in the “Best Mexican Restaurants in Cleveland” contest, we didn’t quite feel that this honor was justified!  I should probably start by saying that we have been regulars at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant for the past 10 years (they recently celebrated […]

Larb Thai Restaurant

10 February, 2016 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

After hearing that this place had recently opened in nearby Brunswick (which is sadly lacking in anything except fast-food places); and having some friends rave about it; we figured we’d give it a try.  While we both agreed that it wasn’t “bad”, it’s just not someplace we could get excited about.  We’ve had Thai food […]

Fat Bob’s Pizza

6 November, 2015 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

This was another one of those places that we’ve probably driven by a hundred times and just never felt compelled to stop.  On this Tuesday night, Mr. Z bit the bullet and decided we’d try it.  I mean, it’s been there for a couple of years, so they must be doing something right….right?! The way […]

Los 4 Amigos

6 March, 2015 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

We may never have tried this neighborhood Mexican place had a friend not sworn it’s the best, most authentic Mexican food he’s ever had (and we trust his taste)!  So on one of those nights where we got a late start and just didn’t feel like driving too far; we literally turned a couple of […]

Orchard House

20 February, 2013 | Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Although you couldn’t really call this a “do over”, since technically, we didn’t even get to eat the first time we were there, after hearing that they had changed the name (formerly MELROSE GRILL – see comments) and had done some serious ‘re-vamping’, we decided to give it another try, fully prepared to be disappointed […]

Heimatland German Restaurant

19 July, 2011 | German | By: Mr Z

Unbelievable that this place has been right around the corner for years and we’d never tried it.  The décor is a little tired, but very clean and comfortable and the food and service were excellent.  Very reasonable $$ – will definitely go back!

Mapleside Restaurant

30 November, 2010 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

Can’t believe in all these years, we haven’t ever been before – much better than expected and décor is almost like some of the state park lodges. NOTE:  See Melrose Grill for update

The Grille

20 July, 2010 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

Pretty good sandwiches, but really lousy service.  Definitely more of a sportsbar, so if it’s good food you’re after, this may not be the place.

Blue Danube

13 April, 2010 | Hungarian | By: Mrs Z

Oh we had such high hopes for this place.  It was so close to home that it could have been our new “go to” place when we weren’t feeling adventurous.  Plus, having a Hungarian theme (not just another sports bar), it COULD have been excellent, but…… it wasn’t. Nice décor, nice menu, but the food […]

Madd Chef

21 July, 2009 | Fine Dining, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

A new place in Brunswick, which is not known for an abundance of really nice restaurants (or ANY restaurants except fast food).  This was surprisingly good with an interesting menu, however somewhat expensive for that setting and location.  The chef personally made his rounds to each table and was very friendly and welcoming.  Only complaint – […]