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Orchard House

20 February, 2013 | Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Although you couldn’t really call this a “do over”, since technically, we didn’t even get to eat the first time we were there, after hearing that they had changed the name (formerly MELROSE GRILL – see comments) and had done some serious ‘re-vamping’, we decided to give it another try, fully prepared to be disappointed yet again.  However, to our surprise, everything was actually GOOD!  I won’t go so far as to say it was excellent, exceptional or outstanding, but based on our previous experience; we were thrilled with “good”.  Ironically, we had the same server that we had when we were there before (as Melrose Grill) and though it was clear that they had a couple of large parties, thankfully they had enough of a staff this time around to take care of the smaller groups as well.  Our service was GOOD!  Though we had heard that they had made some drastic changes to the menu, we really didn’t notice anything different than last time.  They offer a nice variety of dishes – nothing too over-the-top, but some menu items sounded unique and interesting.  We played it VERY safe this time!  I had read that their wings are prepared differently than most places and since I had been in the mood for wings for a while, decided to give them a try and ordered ½ dozen of the garlic-parmesean.  Honestly, they were some of the best wings I’ve ever had.  Tasty and very meaty!  Along with the wings I had the small Mackenzie salad which was a large portion of field greens topped with red onions, blueberries, walnuts and goat cheese all tossed in a very light vinaigrette dressing.  It was delicious!  Mr. Z had a cup of the soup of the day which was a homemade chicken and vegetable and said it was excellent.  As an entrée, he ordered the fish and chips and sadly, we both thought it fell way short.  2 medium filets that were very thin and way over-breaded AND over-fried.  Both the fish and the fries were too salty as well – something that’s an instant negative to both of us. 

Overall, we were pleased and a bit relieved, that our second visit had a much better outcome than the first and we agreed that we’d definitely go back again (though no fish & chips).

Orchard House is located at:

294 Pearl Road


(330) 225-5576


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