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Tag: Avon

Avon Brewing Company

18 November, 2018 | Bar and Grill, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We tried ABC at someone’s suggestion, and while we’d probably go back, we weren’t overly impressed with our experience.  Our server, Jake, was awesome….very friendly and helpful, but I felt like he almost “oversold” everything on the menu.  Since we usually don’t stray too far from our usual domestic, bottled beer, you really can’t visit […]

Cafe Piccolo

1 November, 2017 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

Café Piccolo was an outstanding, relatively new Italian restaurant we practically stumbled across when we visited Heck’s Café a couple of weeks ago and decided (given our love for Italian food) that we just had to try it.  It was almost a joke between us to see which one of us would pick it first.  […]

Heck’s Cafe

19 October, 2017 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

I remember having been to the original Heck’s many years ago and absolutely loving it.  Our visit to the (relatively) new location in Avon wasn’t quite as positive.  In all fairness to our wonderful server, Erin, she did try her best to make things right, but sadly the strip steak that Mr. Z (uncharacteristically) ordered […]

Bar 145

6 March, 2015 | Pub | By: Mrs Z

Encouraged by our son, we just “had to try” Bar 145!  This location was relatively new (other locations include Kent, Columbus and Toledo) and when they went, it was late afternoon and pretty empty, but the service was sorely lacking!  He was impressed with the menu and the relatively low prices “for the eclectic menu”, […]

Bubba’s Q

14 October, 2014 | BBQ | By: Mrs Z

We may be somewhat split on our opinion about Bubba’s Q!  Mr. Z seemed to think it was pretty good – the pulled chicken dinner he ordered, as well as their ‘famous bbq sauce’!  I, on the other hand, wasn’t as impressed.  It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like it as well as some of […]

Dervish Mediterranean Grill

27 March, 2012 | Mediterranean | By: Mr Z

Definitely my kind of place (must have been my lucky day). A cute, authentic looking little Mediterranean cafe in a strip center right off of 83. The service was very good, but the food was EXCELLENT (at least from my perspective). Although they had no liquor license, we were allowed/encouraged to go a couple of doors […]

Fujiama Japanese Steak House

3 May, 2011 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

This goes to show you that not all Japanese hibachi steak houses are created equal. This was a really nice, clean place with outstanding hibachi food. The prices seemed to be a little higher than other hibachi steak houses, but the food and the atmosphere made up for it.


21 September, 2010 | Italian | By: Mr Z

Just so-so Italian place in a little strip center. Mediocre (a little below-average actually)  food, and the service was not so good. One young girl in the whole place who functioned as the hostess, server and cashier.  Absolutely no reason to go back.

Vintage House Cafe

18 May, 2010 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

Well, maybe some of their dishes are edible or even good – if you like everything coated with salt, but my grouper was just plain BAD; the soup was so salty it couldn’t be eaten and really, they just didn’t seem to be all that concerned.  Can’t think of ANY reason that we’d ever go […]


20 April, 2010 | Bar, Bistro | By: Mr Z

Really neat little bar. Even though we only had sandwiches and soup, it was better than your average bar.