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Category: Steak / Seafood


22 March, 2019 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Another one of Lakewood’s cool little spots!  Sarita is much larger once you get inside, than it appears from the street.  We had no reservations, but fortunately we arrived early enough to have our pick of tables (thanks to the really nice hostess).  Since the place was still pretty empty when we arrived, we had […]

Stonebrook Clubhouse (and Driving Range)

18 December, 2015 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, Pub, Steak / Seafood, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

This place may be the best kept secret in the area, because we’ve driven by there many, many times since they’ve been open and NEVER knew it was a restaurant in addition to being a driving range and golf school, therefore I am hoping to spread the word…..Stonebrook is AWESOME! Their menu was a big […]

Timber Lodge

18 June, 2013 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Quite a few years ago, we had visited Steve’s Dakota Grille shortly after it opened for business.  Our first experience was fairly negative (to say the least).  We decided it was just due to the fact that they were new and still working out the kinks (don’t want to use the word “bugs” relative to […]

Rosewood Grille

15 August, 2012 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Our anticipation was finally rewarded lastnight with our first visit to Strongsville’s newest dining establishment.  Though we had never been to the location in Hudson, we had dined at all of the other restaurants owned by this group (Cabin Club, Blue Point, Salmon Dave’s, and Delmonicos to name a few) and had always been more […]

Ferris Steak House

25 July, 2012 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

I can’t believe that after all these years in Cleveland, and as long as this place has been around – we’d never heard of it, much less been there.  But as luck would have it and almost by default, we ended up there lastnight!  It doesn’t really look very inviting from the outside, and the neighborhood (at […]


17 April, 2012 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mr Z

Not sure there’s enough room here for all that was “wrong” with this place. Originally it was the old Spanish Tavern which has been gone for years. After that it was Hunter’s Pub (obviously not terribly impressive since it wasn’t open long), then Bella Moon (also not worth mentioning) and after being closed for a […]

Porter’s Steak and Seafood

21 February, 2012 | Fine Dining, Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

This was his “birthday dinner”, so I had such high hopes!  The menu and the service were exceptional; however the food left a little to be desired given the prices.  I would never recommend “lobster chunks” since they are truly the part of the lobster that nobody wants to eat (very odd texture and fishy tasting) […]


30 August, 2011 | Fine Dining, Steak / Seafood | By: Mr Z

Located where the old Henry’s Barn was, this was outstanding in every area – décor, service and food.  Excellent steaks and sides.  The server(s) were absolutely terrific.  Somewhat pricey, but worth every penny.


10 May, 2011 | Fine Dining, Steak / Seafood | By: Mr Z

Located in the former Le Volte Grille spot and just as nothing about LVG ever excited us, neither did Palates. Very stuffy, uninviting atmosphere, server had a bizarre attitude (like she thought she was in a 5 star restaurant in Manhattan) – seriously overpriced, however…food was absolutely excellent. We wouldn’t return though, simply because of […]


1 March, 2011 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

This is the site that used to be the old Cleveland’s P.M.  in the valley and they have only been open under new ownership for a couple of months.  Huge place with great décor.  Menu SOUNDS really good with reasonable prices, but they fell WAY short on several things (horrible ceasar salad, appetizer was mozzarella […]