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Tag: Independence

Shula’s 2 Sports Bar

14 July, 2009 | Sports Bar | By: Mr Z

An “upscale” sports bar.  There was absolutely nothing that would make us want to return.  The service was average and somewhat unfriendly.  The food was typical “hotel” food (it’s attached to the Sheraton) and somewhat overpriced.  Definitely not a candidate for a repeat!

Jackie’s Casual Cuisine

19 February, 2008 | Bistro, Sports Bar, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Oh my goodness!  This place was the former Chester’s up on the hill off of Rockside Road.  There just aren’t enough NEGATIVE adjectives to describe this place.  They hadn’t been open for business that long, but this a case where if you don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t “ready” – don’t open!!!  The service […]


25 December, 2007 | Steak / Seafood, Uncategorized | By: Mrs Z

Formerly “Jackie’s Casual Cuisine” (how could we forget THAT place) and Chester’s before that; this was pretty much a typical steak house.  The service was prompt and polite – not overly friendly, but good.  Our steaks were “ok”.  It wasn’t Hyde Park quality by far, but then we also weren’t paying Hyde Park prices.  It […]

Fournos Cafe

4 December, 2007 | Greek | By: Mr Z

A really neat little Greek cafe.  They had a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes that were very good.  Sadly, this was one of those places that I enjoyed FAR more than he did, but I didn’t hear too much grumbling!