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Category: Greek

Taki’s Greek Kitchen

24 April, 2013 | Greek | By: Mrs Z

We didn’t think there were any restaurants left in Avon Lake that we hadn’t been to, but this place was recommended to us by a friend and what a great find it was!  Taki’s is a relatively small and cozy little place, with a definite Greek flair.  It was surprising to see so many occupied tables on […]

Mad Greek

30 August, 2012 | Greek, Indian | By: Mrs Z

Though this is by no means a “new” restaurant, it was our first visit and sadly, we left there with very mixed feelings.  I definitely took Mr. Z out of his “comfort zone” on this one, but he was a really good sport and embarked on this adventure with a positive attitude.  The inside dining […]

Greek Village Grille

19 October, 2010 | Greek | By: Mr Z

In spite of the fact that it was mostly “to-go only” and the “bring your own beer/wine”, it was really good and authenticly Greek.

Leo’s Family Restaurant

27 July, 2010 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

I believe that this was once The Canary Restaurant right on Rt. 82, which had been around for years.  An old family type of place that was almost empty when we were there.  They had no liquor license, and while the food wasn’t exciting, it was decent. Several Greek items on the menu, but again – […]

Cafe Stratos

23 March, 2010 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

An old fashioned family restaurant / diner type of place. While they had a very extensive menu, nothing was very good making this place not too memorable.


25 August, 2009 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

Very similar to Dianna’s Deli.  A family type of place with extensive menu (emphasis on Greek). Their moussaka was fabulous and would go back just for that.  The salad bar was somewhat unappealing – not as fresh as we’d like with a limited selection (particularly of their salad dressings).

Aladdin’s Eatery

29 January, 2008 | Greek, Mediterranean | By: Mr Z

This was one of those places where we were pretty much split right down the middle.  While I didn’t love the entree I ordered (a chicken dish that was somewhat dry and tasteless), I did love alot of the other things on the menu (hummus, pitas, etc.).  He just plain didn’t like anything there, and didn’t […]

Fournos Cafe

4 December, 2007 | Greek | By: Mr Z

A really neat little Greek cafe.  They had a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes that were very good.  Sadly, this was one of those places that I enjoyed FAR more than he did, but I didn’t hear too much grumbling!


13 November, 2007 | Greek | By: Mrs Z

Greek ‘inspired’ this place was nothing exciting or memorable.  The service was just okay as was the food.  No big deal at all.