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Tag: Brooklyn

Plaza Nueva Mexican Grill

28 May, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

Well, even though Plaza Nueva didn’t win the number one spot in the Cleveland.com “Cleveland’s Best Mexican Restaurant” contest, or even in the top 10; it did finish in the top 20 which, when you consider how many Mexican places there are, is pretty impressive!  Our regular Mexican “go to” did NOT make the list […]

Aldo’s Italian Restaurant

25 August, 2016 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

OMG this place was FABULOUS!!!  Aldo’s is a small, privately owned little place in a nothing-looking little strip center (may have been a convenient store at some point in the past).  You’d never even know it was there if it wasn’t your destination.  Seating is limited, so I’d imagine that the weekends there are nuts […]

New Orleans Showboat

30 March, 2010 | Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Very bizarre and unappealing décor; the service was horribly slow and everything in the place was disorganized.  Sadly the food didn’t even save the evening.  The concept was sort of cool, but they just couldn’t seem to pull it off.

Rooster’s Bar & Grill

8 September, 2009 | Sports Bar | By: Mr Z

Outstanding wings and good sandwiches, but honestly, the service was so horrible  that if we hadn’t been so hungry, we would have walked out. Such a shame since they really were some of the biggest, meatiest wings I’ve ever had! Udate:  Decided to give it one more try a month or so later – mid afternoon on a Sunday (no notable sports […]

Wild Ginger

29 July, 2008 | Asian | By: Mr Z

They had just opened shortly before we visited and while it was a neat concept and the food was pretty good, it had sort of a fast food atmosphere.  The menu selection was ok, but we felt that the $$ weren’t in line with either the place, the service or the food.

Grille Above the Valley

29 May, 2007 | Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Oh my….another one of those places that had no business being open for business.  The night we were there, the service was so bad that had we not been so hungry, we’d have walked out (even without a second choice), but we decided to hang in and by the time we ordered our drinks we […]