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Category: Pizza

Harlow’s Pizza

9 February, 2019 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

With the exception of maybe Key West or one of the Caribbean islands, this place was perhaps the coolest restaurant we’ve ever been to.  Though when I first saw it, I wasn’t convinced it was even an ‘eat-in’ since it looked pretty tiny from the outside, but as soon as we stepped inside there was […]

1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza

24 August, 2017 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

If you’re a pizza lover, this is a must try!  Basically, you build your own pizza – choosing from different crusts, sauces and toppings!  I have to say, though I “like” Pizza Fire; 1000 Degrees differs greatly in many ways….it’s better and you can add as many different toppings (veggies, cheeses and meats) as you […]

Fratello’s Pizza & Pasta

21 October, 2016 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

If there’s one thing we’ve learned is that good pizza is almost as subjective as a great pair of blue jeans – there’s a different “fit” for everyone!  With that in mind, Fratello’s is ‘good’ pizza, though for MY taste, not great and not the ‘best ever’, but good!  Located in the space formerly occupied […]

3 Brothers Pizza

25 August, 2016 | Italian, Pizza | By: Mrs Z

We didn’t realize how long 3 Brothers had been open, but have passed it several times without giving it much thought.  In fact, we didn’t even know it was a dine-in restaurant.  We assumed it was takeout pizza and MAYBE sandwiches.  Wow, were we mistaken.   It’s located in the strip center on Pearl Road where […]

Fat Bob’s Pizza

6 November, 2015 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

This was another one of those places that we’ve probably driven by a hundred times and just never felt compelled to stop.  On this Tuesday night, Mr. Z bit the bullet and decided we’d try it.  I mean, it’s been there for a couple of years, so they must be doing something right….right?! The way […]

Station 43 Tavern

9 December, 2014 | Bar, Pizza, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

Though we’ve driven past this place many times over the years, we may never have stopped in had we not been in the area for other reasons.  Nothing too fancy, inside or out, but the authentic “firehouse” décor adds some interest to the inside.  The good news is that this small bar/grille had a pretty […]

Pizza by Robert

15 October, 2012 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

It never fails to amaze me how VERY many pizza joints profess to have “authentic New York pizza”, yet I’m willing to bet that many (though certainly not all…..) have never been to NY and never even tasted NY pizza.  Believe it or not, it is VERY hard to recreate since ‘it’s all in the […]

Uncle Al’s Pizza Parlour

26 June, 2012 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

We weren’t even sure if this was an “eat-in” or a take-out only place, so we were greatly relieved to find a few tables inside a small but clean little pizza place.  Thankfully they had a nice selection of beer and 3 good-sized televisions mounted around the room. You wouldn’t call it a sportsbar by […]

Dewey’s Pizza

11 October, 2011 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

Very cool place with outstanding pizza and salads.  Great service with a really unique and trendy décor for a pizza place.  Pretty reasonably priced for the quality and portion size.  Amazing menu – can’t wait to go back to try some of the other items!

Rocky’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant

13 September, 2011 | Italian, Pizza | By: Mr Z

Was a bit apprehensive when I saw the outside – dingy little place in an old worn out strip center; but…… once inside, was very impressed.  Décor was ok – a little worn, but certainly you could tell effort was put into making the most of a small space.  The service was good and the […]