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Harlow’s Pizza

9 February, 2019 | Pizza | By: Mrs Z

With the exception of maybe Key West or one of the Caribbean islands, this place was perhaps the coolest restaurant we’ve ever been to.  Though when I first saw it, I wasn’t convinced it was even an ‘eat-in’ since it looked pretty tiny from the outside, but as soon as we stepped inside there was something about the ‘vibe’ in there that immediately felt comfortable, relaxed and convinced me that we were going to really enjoy this experience – and we did.  Make no mistake, it is SMALL.  With the exception of the wrap around bar type counter, there are probably only three or four tables (seating for about 16), but somehow that just added to the positive feel of the place.

We were happy to see that they served beer and wine – a limited selection, but they had Modelo, so all was good!  Our server, Chad, was great!  He was super helpful in explaining the menu, which like the restaurant, is SMALL.  They serve 5 different pizzas and that’s it – no salads, sides, sandwiches, no additional toppings, no half & half pizzas, no exceptions period.  When he first explained this (very nicely), I was a little disappointed, but honestly, the longer we sat and listened to the music, it just didn’t seem to matter.  There was no question that Mr. Z would choose the Margherita pizza, since that’s pretty much his go-to.  I was trying to decide between the Bianca and the Leonardo and ended up ordering the Bianca.  Can I just say that I was sold on the first bite.  I know that it’s hard to imagine a white pizza with no toppings being THAT good, but it was!!  It had a little too much garlic for Mr. Z, but it was just right for me.  We did exchange one piece with each other and though I really liked his, I preferred mine and he felt the same about his.  I will probably try the Leonardo next time – and there will definitely be a next time!

Harlow’s Pizza is located at:

14319 Madison Ave.

Lakewood, OH

(216) 712-6502


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