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Sauced Taproom & Kitchen

23 February, 2019 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

Rarely are you able to check out a restaurant online and have it turn out to be exactly as it’s portrayed; but that was the case with Sauced Taproom & Kitchen – except it WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!  Sauced is such a cool place, particularly if you’re not in the mood for a full meal and just want your choice of dozens of different beers and almost as many “snacky” things to eat!  Although even if we didn’t want full meals, there were so many things on the menu to choose from that sounded so amazing, we ended up ordering enough to feed an army, but felt we had a pretty good sampling of at least half of the menu.

Our server, Samantha, was amazing.  She was so friendly and helpful that she made some of our decisions far easier than if we hadn’t had our ‘expert consultant’.  She explained the “your way” and “our way” method of ordering, so that made some of our choices easier as well.  Mr. Z had the Meatball and the Chicky Chicky Parm sliders (2 each per order), along with a slice of the ABCs pizza.  I had a beef and a chicken empanada and was a little surprised at how big they were, so together with one slice each of the BBQ Burger and the Cheese Please pizza, I had way more than I could finish, but everything was excellent.  Neither of us had any complaints at all.  The food came out piping hot and very fresh-tasting.  Samantha had suggested the lime/cilantro sour cream for both of the empanadas rather than the pesto, which was suggested with the beef and that was a great call.  It was delicious.  Though I really liked them both, I think I preferred the beef empanada.  Same with the pizza slices.  The Cheese Please was really good, but the BBQ Burger was AMAZING and though there are so many other things that I’d like to try next time, I will absolutely have to have that pizza again!  Mr. Z had no complaints at all and we are both anxious for a repeat trip – soon!

Sauced Taproom & Kitchen is located at:

14701 Detroit Ave.

Lakewood, OH

(216) 303-9213


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