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Category: Japanese

Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet

14 October, 2014 | Chinese, Japanese | By: Mrs Z

I’ve never been much of a fan of buffets since it’s really hard to maintain food quality when it’s sitting over steaming water, or under heat lamps for any period of time!  Unfortunately, this really wasn’t much different, BUT…..being honest, I can’t say that we were disappointed since most everything we tried was “ok” and […]

Wasabi Steak & Sushi

8 September, 2014 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

The general assumption is that all Japanese Steak Houses are created equal; and for the most part, that’s correct.  Generally the menu items are the same and even the prices, but if you visit enough of them, you may come to have your favorites.  While Wasabi Japanese Steak & Sushi was ‘good’, it was pretty […]

Arashi Japanese Cuisine

30 October, 2012 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Although overall, MOST Japanese Steakhouses are pretty much the same, this one stood out just a bit!  The décor was nice, but very much like all the others and the service was exceptional.  The fact that the place was pretty empty probably contributed to that, but our server was young, energetic and had a great […]


10 January, 2012 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Pretty good Hibachi steakhouse – EMPTY on a Tuesday night – we shared a table with 3 others and that was it for the entire place. Good quality food and unlike most hibachi places, it is ALL served at once so nothing gets cold!

Fujiama Japanese Steak House

3 May, 2011 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

This goes to show you that not all Japanese hibachi steak houses are created equal. This was a really nice, clean place with outstanding hibachi food. The prices seemed to be a little higher than other hibachi steak houses, but the food and the atmosphere made up for it.

Watami Japanese & Sushi Buffet

3 August, 2010 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Ordinarily I wouldn’t even consider a “sushi buffet”, but figured we’d give it a try and it did seem (?) fresh. They had a really large selection of different sushi rolls, sashimi and different cold salads that all “appeared” very appetizing.  On the other side was the Japanese buffet – all hot food…….that unfortunately WASN’T.  That was […]

Pacific East Japanese/Malaysian

5 January, 2010 | Asian, Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Absolutely authentic Japanese restaurant.  Forget any thoughts of a hibachi steak house, this place was not for the faint of heart when it came to trying new (and exotic)dishes. Additionally, they had some really interesting malaysian dishes and the sushi was very good as well.

Hibachi Steak House

23 December, 2008 | Japanese | By: Mr Z

An excellent Japanese hibachi steakhouse.  We have been to quite a few and while none have been BAD, this was one of the better ones!