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Category: Family Restaurant

Bagley Grill

11 May, 2019 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

I have to first say that we’ve passed Bagley Grill at least 100 times since they opened 5 years ago, and in fact we’ve regularly eaten at the Chinese restaurant right next door to them for the past 20+ years, yet we’ve never had any interest in going in for a meal.  If I’m being […]

Club House Pub and Grub

15 December, 2018 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

We never would have given this place a second thought, though we’ve driven by it more than a few times.  It just didn’t look that interesting or inviting from the outside.  However, after reading a write-up (see attached) https://www.cleveland.com/top-restaurants/index.ssf/2015/12/clubhouse_pub_and_grub_restaurant_serves_up_a_classic_cleveland_dining_experience_review.html, on their ‘amazingly wonderful chicken paprikash’, and several other menu items, I figured we’d give it […]

George’s Kitchen

15 December, 2018 | Deli / Diner, Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

Maybe it’s this time of year, but I find myself thinking of soup quite a bit lately and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hearty, thick, stew-like soup, or your basic chicken noodle; but when I was looking online for some ideas for this ‘Tuesday Night’ and happened across the winners of the “Best Soup […]

Grove Hill Restaurant

12 November, 2015 | Bistro, Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Formerly Raintree Restaurant (since 1972); Grove Hill opened last year in its place and I cannot say enough GOOD things about it.  Though having been to Raintree many times back in the 90s; I honestly can’t remember anything noteworthy.  Grove Hill, on the other hand, will stand out for a long time to come.  Their […]

Retro Dog

20 March, 2015 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

What an absolutely FUN place this was!  I can’t think of a better word to describe Retro Dog except FUN!  One of the best parts about it was that even though it’s an old fashioned, curb service, drive-in restaurant; they have a very large

Orchard House

20 February, 2013 | Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Although you couldn’t really call this a “do over”, since technically, we didn’t even get to eat the first time we were there, after hearing that they had changed the name (formerly MELROSE GRILL – see comments) and had done some serious ‘re-vamping’, we decided to give it another try, fully prepared to be disappointed […]

Tony’s Family Restaurant

5 September, 2012 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

If you’re in the mood for a pretty good, homecooked meal for very little $$, then this is definitely the place to go!  Though it wasn’t much to look at on the inside (meaning, it probably hadn’t been updated or remodeled in the past 15+ years), it seemed to be clean and the staff were […]

Leo’s Family Restaurant

27 July, 2010 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

I believe that this was once The Canary Restaurant right on Rt. 82, which had been around for years.  An old family type of place that was almost empty when we were there.  They had no liquor license, and while the food wasn’t exciting, it was decent. Several Greek items on the menu, but again – […]

Cafe Stratos

23 March, 2010 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

An old fashioned family restaurant / diner type of place. While they had a very extensive menu, nothing was very good making this place not too memorable.

Maria’s Pizza & Pasta

15 December, 2009 | Family Restaurant, Italian, Pizza | By: Mr Z

A family type place and very crowded for Tuesday.  They had really good pizza, salads and bread, but since we didn’t try any of the entrees, can’t comment there, but if what we had was an indication, all of their items would be good!