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Category: Family Restaurant


25 August, 2009 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

Very similar to Dianna’s Deli.  A family type of place with extensive menu (emphasis on Greek). Their moussaka was fabulous and would go back just for that.  The salad bar was somewhat unappealing – not as fresh as we’d like with a limited selection (particularly of their salad dressings).

Dianna’s Deli

28 July, 2009 | Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

Just a good, dependable family type diner. Food was okay, there was no ‘atmosphere’ to speak of, but traditional fare with some homemade soups, etc.  Nothing really memorable.

Gene’s Place

23 September, 2008 | Family Restaurant, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

This was sort of a tired looking place on the inside and you could definitely tell it had been around for many years.  The food, however, was surprisingly good and the menu was very diverse (pages and pages of just about anything you had a taste for).  The service was just “ok” though and we got […]

Linden Tavern

12 February, 2008 | Family Restaurant, German, Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the outside of this place.  It was located in a small strip center and looked like it had been there for many years.  Inside it was somewhat dark and “tavern-y” looking, but the service was prompt and friendly and you could tell that most of the […]

Contempo Cuisine

27 November, 2007 | Family Restaurant, Kosher, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

A very interesting, but very good totally kosher menu.  Everything was 100% kosher – no exceptions.  Fortunately this did nothing to affect the tastiness of the food.  I’m not sure what exactly we expected, but I guess we thought cooking “kosher” meant without flavor and were both pleasantly surprised to find this assumption to be way off.  While the dishes were […]