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Category: Chinese

Pearl Asian Kitchen

1 January, 2020 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

I had such high expectations for this place, but sadly, we were both disappointed.  At first glance, the menu looked like it was going to be a cross between PF Chang’s and your typical neighborhood Chinese restaurant.  There were many of the usual entrees, along with soups and starters.  We were really hoping that because […]

Blue Jade Chinese Restaurant

8 November, 2016 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

We were shocked when we found out how long Blue Jade has been in this location—20 years!  We’ve probably driven right by it a hundred times and never even noticed it.  The owner mentioned that may be due to poor signage, but regardless, we were thrilled to find an alternative to our ‘usual’ neighborhood Chinese […]

Kumo Japanese Seafood Buffet

14 October, 2014 | Chinese, Japanese | By: Mrs Z

I’ve never been much of a fan of buffets since it’s really hard to maintain food quality when it’s sitting over steaming water, or under heat lamps for any period of time!  Unfortunately, this really wasn’t much different, BUT…..being honest, I can’t say that we were disappointed since most everything we tried was “ok” and […]

Mark Pi’s China Gate

23 May, 2013 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

This neat little Chinese restaurant was pretty much hiding in a very unassuming strip center, so unless you lived in the area and knew it was there, you probably would never notice it.  Thankfully it was recommended to us by our son, who had been there only once and said we just ‘had to try […]

Emperor’s Palace

16 January, 2013 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

This may be one of the first times (ever) that I’m hesitant about commenting on one of our adventures!  Not because it was bad because it most definitely wasn’t.  The thing is – it wasn’t really good either.  Confused??  Here’s the scoop as plainly as I can put it.  Some places that we have visited […]

Imperial Wok

14 November, 2012 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

Initially, we were a bit skeptical to try this place since every time we passed it, it looked like it was no longer in business, (which we discovered was due to the mirrored windows), however it looked like it had lots of promise, so I was pleased to see a nice write-up about it in […]

Inchins Bamboo Garden / Tadka

13 September, 2012 | Chinese, Indian | By: Mrs Z

Wow, what a concept – Indian AND Chinese together in the same place, and the best part is that this place delivered in spades!  The only thing that could possibly hamper their success is the ‘out of the way’ location.  They are tucked back behind Bed Bath & Beyond, right next door to Best Buy […]

House of Hunan

20 September, 2011 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

 Just like the Medina and Chagrin Falls locations, outstanding food, décor and service.

Asian Wok

5 July, 2011 | Chinese | By: Mr Z

Have driven by this place many times but never bothered to stop. It looks very typically Chinese from the outside; inside it looks pretty tired and non-descript. The food was remarkably good, though definitely NOT the best. Service was great and the server was very friendly. Wouldn’t have a problem with a repeat visit, but […]

China Renaissance

26 October, 2010 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

This was just average Chinese food.  The food and the service were good, the place was very clean, but not nearly equal to Wah Fu.