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Tag: Hudson

Peachtree Southern Kitchen

22 July, 2015 | Fine Dining, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

What a find this was, but I guess I should have expected nothing less from this pair of owners given their history.  The only thing that surprised us was that they’ve been in Hudson for 2 years now and we’d never heard of them nor noticed in passing.  But…..after this first visit, you can bet […]

Noble House Chinese

9 September, 2008 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

This was an unusual Chinese restaurant and definitely not typical of any we’d been to.  The atmosphere was somewhat ‘cold’ and unwelcoming and the service, though prompt, was the same. There were a limited number of entrees on the menu and while what we had was very good, it’s doubtful that we’d go back simply […]


8 July, 2008 | Fine Dining, Italian | By: Mrs Z

A nice little Italian place located in a strip center.  We were very surprised at how large it was once inside.  Very nicely decorated, and the menu was extensive.  They had a nice mix of both northern AND southern Italian dishes and everything we tried was really good.  Would most definitely go back.

Old Wheedon Grill

6 May, 2008 | Bar | By: Mr Z

Oh my goodness, this was BAD, BAD, BAD – bad food, bad attitudes; just all around bad experience.  We were told they were supposed to have the “greatest burgers” and once we finally were served (at least 60 minutes and they were empty), we found them to be charred beyond recognition and almost inedible.  The […]

D’Agnese’s Tomato Grill

8 April, 2008 | Italian | By: Mr Z

We sort of ended up here by accident, meaning it wasn’t our original destination.  Thankfully that turned out to be good for us.  While it wasn’t the best Italian food we’ve had, it was a little above average with pretty broad menu.  The prices were mid-range, but the service was a little slower than we’d […]

Downtown 140

1 April, 2008 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A very cool little wine bar with excellent food.  Most everything was “small plates” but their small plates werent’ THAT small and we were certainly able to make a substantial meal with a couple of the menu items.  Amazing wine selection for sure, but NOT cheap!

Water’s Restaurant

5 February, 2008 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Very nice place with a cool atmosphere (large “waterfall wall” inside).  Guess it would lean more towards ‘fine dining’ since the menu was quite extensive with pretty big $$$.  Steak and seafood seem to be their main offerings, but they had several dishes that would fall into the Italian or just traditional category.  The service […]


16 October, 2007 | Bistro, Fine Dining | By: Mrs Z

While the food was very good, the presentation was just a little too frou-frou!  I love a really nice meal, but could never understand the need to disguise a very basic meal by making the preparation sound more complicated than the average person understands.  Make no mistake, our entrees were excellent, but we had to […]

Inn at Turner’s Mill

18 September, 2007 | Fine Dining, Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

While they had a very nice atmosphere and the food was very good, it was quite pricey and a little “stuffy feeling”.  Not someplace where you would go to ‘unwind’ with a really good meal – the good meal part is there, but it just felt a little too formal.