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Tag: Rocky River

Herb’s Tavern

28 July, 2019 | Bar and Grill | By: Mrs Z

Though I haven’t read the vast majority of the reviews on this Rocky River institution, I’m betting that mine will probably be one of the few ‘negative’ ones.  Truthfully, I just don’t see what the big deal is with Herb’s.  The quaint little building is pretty cool, but being voted “best patio”..really?????  It was large […]


2 December, 2018 | Bistro, Italian | By: Mrs Z

Polpetta was somewhat of a letdown.  I can’t say that it was “bad” exactly; just not someplace we’d be anxious to re-visit.  As I’ve said many times – there are way too many REALLY good restaurants out there to go back to one that was just “okay”. A positive was that our server Ashley, was […]


26 October, 2015 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

For those of you who have lived in the Cleveland area for many years, and even for those who haven’t….Bearden’s may not be new to you, but believe it or not and though we have driven past it many times in our almost 30 years in the area; we had never been to Bearden’s! Since […]

Brown Sugar Thai Cuisine

23 April, 2015 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

As many times as we’ve driven by this little hole-in-the-wall; we’d never have thought to try it unless we’d specifically been looking for a Thai place that we’ve never been to before.  This was it – and though as one review we’d read stated….it may not be the BEST Thai in the area, but it […]

Beachcliff Tavern

11 July, 2012 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

While this wasn’t the most exciting bar/pub we’ve ever been to, there was absolutely NOTHING bad about our experience.  It was attractive, clean and the service was great – of course there were only 2 other people in there besides us!  The menu, however, was pretty extensive and very diverse.  There was a huge selection […]


27 September, 2011 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

An somewhat tired-looking, family restaurant with something for everyone on the menu. A bit old and musty inside, but overall it was ok. You could see by the other patrons in there at that time, that it catered to a regular “older” crowd.

Michael’s Family Restaurant

21 December, 2010 | Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Another one of those places we tried only because we had a coupon.  It was very old and dingy inside (didn’t expect that in Rocky River).  The food was “ok”, but not at all enjoyable since everything looked (and felt) very dirty.  The salad bar (which they highly promote) looked like it had things on it that had […]


12 January, 2010 | Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A really neat little wine bar offering “small plates”. Their menu was very limited, only 4 appetizers, 4 entrees and 4 “Tartines” (sandwiches), but everything we tried was very tasty and reasonably-priced.

King Wah

10 November, 2009 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

This Chinese restaurant was recommended by a friend and it was outstanding!  Excellent food and great service and even though it appears to be your typical neighborhood Chinese restaurant, some of the dishes they offer are very unique and the prices are a little higher than most Chinese places.  Would go back without question!

Rocky River Brewing Co.

20 October, 2009 | Bistro, Sports Bar | By: Mr Z

As long as this place has been around, I really was expecting more.  There were some really neat-sounding things on the menu, but none really lived up to their descriptions.  Hot items were brought out cold and the cold ones were sort of room temperature.  That was disappointing since it was pretty empty at that […]