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Category: Deli / Diner

George’s Kitchen

15 December, 2018 | Deli / Diner, Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

Maybe it’s this time of year, but I find myself thinking of soup quite a bit lately and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hearty, thick, stew-like soup, or your basic chicken noodle; but when I was looking online for some ideas for this ‘Tuesday Night’ and happened across the winners of the “Best Soup […]

Dinerbar on Clifton

16 September, 2018 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

Since we had been to the DINER ON CLIFTON several years ago and though it was pretty good (for what it was), we were really excited to find that they had not only moved to a larger location; but that they now had a full bar (thus the name DINERBAR), so we knew we had […]

Rubin’s Restaurant and Deli

27 January, 2017 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

After several strike-outs, we ended up at Rubin’s.  Please note that while we have been aware of its existence for many years, we just haven’t chosen to check it out and probably wouldn’t have on this occasion except for the fact that for various reasons, the other choices didn’t pan out. Also let it be […]


26 October, 2015 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

For those of you who have lived in the Cleveland area for many years, and even for those who haven’t….Bearden’s may not be new to you, but believe it or not and though we have driven past it many times in our almost 30 years in the area; we had never been to Bearden’s! Since […]

Jack’s Deli

23 November, 2010 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

I think that we were expecting a Corky & Lenny’s – type of place and while it was definitely “like” that, it was totally Kosher!  Some of the items that we just assumed would be outstanding, fell way short (matzoh ball soup, potato pancakes, etc.).  We were very glad to have tried it, but wouldn’t […]

The Diner on Clifton

14 April, 2009 | Deli / Diner | By: Mr Z

A sidewalk diner (literally) – it had a very limited menu, but surprisingly what we had was pretty good, considering.  This was one of those places where the expectations were pretty low, so it wouldn’t have taken much to even be minimally satisfied, but we truly were.