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Dinerbar on Clifton

16 September, 2018 | Deli / Diner | By: Mrs Z

Since we had been to the DINER ON CLIFTON several years ago and though it was pretty good (for what it was), we were really excited to find that they had not only moved to a larger location; but that they now had a full bar (thus the name DINERBAR), so we knew we had to go back.

They’ve got a huge menu, not unlike one you’d see at a typical NY/NJ diner.  I was sort of disappointed that they didn’t serve the omelets and some of the other breakfast items “all day” but had so many other things to pick from, it didn’t really matter.  I had a bowl of their garden chowder which was so good, I’d drive all the way over there just for that (or even to bring some home) – absolutely delicious!  Along with this I had the southwest wrap, which while good, was a little too spicy for my taste.  Mr. Z had a tuna melt which he though was pretty good as well.  Our lack of enthusiasm with our sandwiches didn’t put a damper on our desire to go back though.  Our server was really attentive and friendly in spite of the fact that the place was packed.  Anxious to go back (if for nothing other than more of that garden chowder…..yum)!

The Dinerbar on Clifton is located at:

1181 Clifton Blvd.

Lakewood, OH


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