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Tag: Shaker Square

Pearl Asian Kitchen

1 January, 2020 | Chinese | By: Mrs Z

I had such high expectations for this place, but sadly, we were both disappointed.  At first glance, the menu looked like it was going to be a cross between PF Chang’s and your typical neighborhood Chinese restaurant.  There were many of the usual entrees, along with soups and starters.  We were really hoping that because […]

Edwin’s Leadership and Restaurant Institute

7 May, 2015 | French | By: Mrs Z

I’m not even sure what to say about Edwin’s!  Not only was it a truly incredible meal; but the “mission” is totally heartwarming.  Edwin’s is a very quaint French restaurant located right in Shaker Square.  The inside is lovely, but the outside patio is quite nice as well and since the weather was very cooperative, […]


7 October, 2008 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood | By: Mrs Z

Somewhat disappointing due to all the hype.  The menu was somewhat limited, though there was “probably” something for every taste, but definitely not many choices, and while what we had was “good”, this wasn’t a place we’d either be anxious to return to, or highly recommend to others.


4 March, 2008 | Mediterranean, Spanish | By: Mr Z

Amazing place (right on Shaker Square), both for it’s food and service.  Sort of a Spanish / Meditteranean theme but outstanding service and we loved our dishes.  Would definitely go back!


9 October, 2007 | Hungarian | By: Mr Z

This place was fabulous!  Our server was definitely Hungarian and offered us many good suggestions.  The schnitzel was wonderful, as was everything else.  We noticed that the only thing resembling a vegetable was a plain, iceberg lettuce dinner salad and we asked her why nothing “green” and she laughed and told us that in Hungary, […]