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Category: Mexican

Bakersfield Tequila and Tacos

24 August, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

While we have absolutely nothing (really) negative to say about Bakersfield Tacos, I don’t think we can think of any reason that we’d have to revisit.  The concept is great though not unique, as is evidenced by the variety of other similar places scattered throughout the area. They were busier than I thought they’d be […]

Blue Habanero

1 August, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

I am almost ashamed to be posting this for public viewing, but even though it won the #1 spot as Cleveland’s BEST Mexican restaurant; we were totally UNIMPRESSED with Blue Habanero!  Though I’ve never put too much stock in reviews, be it movies or restaurants (which is why I reiterate that this blog is strictly […]

Plaza Nueva Mexican Grill

28 May, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

Well, even though Plaza Nueva didn’t win the number one spot in the Cleveland.com “Cleveland’s Best Mexican Restaurant” contest, or even in the top 10; it did finish in the top 20 which, when you consider how many Mexican places there are, is pretty impressive!  Our regular Mexican “go to” did NOT make the list […]

Mucho Bueno

28 April, 2019 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

In spite of the fact that Mucho Bueno was listed among the 20 finalists in the “Best Mexican Restaurants in Cleveland” contest, we didn’t quite feel that this honor was justified!  I should probably start by saying that we have been regulars at a neighborhood Mexican restaurant for the past 10 years (they recently celebrated […]


18 November, 2018 | Bar and Grill, Bistro, Mexican, Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

Condado is amazing!!!  Though we’ve been to Barrio (Lakewood location), and similar as they are, somehow our experience at Condado just totally exceeded our expectations.  This was no small accomplishment on their part since they had only opened this location 3 days before our visit and EVERYTHING was running just as smoothly as though they’d […]

Taco Tontos

15 July, 2018 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

Though Taco Tontos is pretty much a hole-in-the-wall little place at, their menu is way more diverse than I could even begin to go into, so you have to check it out.  Custom made, as well as some standard, tacos and burritos are their specialty and though I wish I’d been able to try everything, […]

Bomba Tacos and Rum

1 November, 2017 | Latin, Mexican | By: Mrs Z

Who doesn’t love tacos!!!!!  Unless you’re one of the very few who doesn’t, you’ll love this place.  There are endless taco creations, as well as the basic beef or chicken with the standard toppings from which to choose.  With the help of our awesome server, Adam, we decided to share a Cuban sandwich (totally authentic […]

Tres Potrillos

3 March, 2016 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

Another outstanding discovery!  While we both enjoy Mexican food, we’ve basically stuck to our neighborhood place, which is outstanding, serving the typical Mexican dishes that you’d find most everywhere (though prepared better than most).  Tres Potrillos was a true ‘step above’, both in their menu choices and the setting.  Most Mexican restaurants are “cute” and […]


7 May, 2015 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

What fun this place was!!  If you like tacos (and who doesn’t?); then this is a must try.  Basically, Barrio is a “make your own taco” bistro, with everything imaginable as an ingredient/topping.  You pick the shell; of which there are at least a half dozen choices, pick the meat, the fillings and the toppings!  […]

Los 4 Amigos

6 March, 2015 | Mexican | By: Mrs Z

We may never have tried this neighborhood Mexican place had a friend not sworn it’s the best, most authentic Mexican food he’s ever had (and we trust his taste)!  So on one of those nights where we got a late start and just didn’t feel like driving too far; we literally turned a couple of […]