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Tag: North Olmsted

Wild Mango

29 December, 2016 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

Wild Mango has been at Great Northern Mall for as long as I can remember (formerly Wei Tei) and this is the first time we’ve been through the doors!  I have to admit though, that it was not our intended destination, but it’s where we ended up and we were pleasantly surprised to find that […]

Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

6 August, 2015 | Sports Bar | By: Mrs Z

We were absolutely shocked to find this place packed to the walls at 5:30 on a Tuesday night!  There were no specials to speak of and there wasn’t a major sports playoff game being broadcast, but this gigantic facility was already shoulder-to-shoulder when we arrived. Their menu is huge and if you’re a first-timer, allow adequate […]

Blue Turtle Tavern

19 January, 2015 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

There really isn’t much to be said about the Blue Turtle Tavern.  It is, quite simply, your typical neighborhood bar, serving typical bar food.  My burger was good – not great, but good and Mr. Z’s burger wrap was good; again, not great but certainly edible.  Probably the most aggravating thing about our meal (and […]

Mama Fu’s Asian House

23 May, 2014 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

A very interesting place and very empty, even for a Tuesday night.  They have only been open at this location (the only location in Ohio as of this date) since January and you would think that being basically IN a mall, they’d be a little more crowded, but perhaps they do a really good lunchtime […]

Frankie’s Italian Cuisine

27 November, 2013 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

Even though this place has been around for as long as we’ve lived in Northeast Ohio; we had never been here before.  I think we just kind of stumbled across it and decided to finally give it a try.  We were completely shocked to see how packed it was on a Tuesday night and from […]

Inchins Bamboo Garden / Tadka

13 September, 2012 | Chinese, Indian | By: Mrs Z

Wow, what a concept – Indian AND Chinese together in the same place, and the best part is that this place delivered in spades!  The only thing that could possibly hamper their success is the ‘out of the way’ location.  They are tucked back behind Bed Bath & Beyond, right next door to Best Buy […]


10 January, 2012 | Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Pretty good Hibachi steakhouse – EMPTY on a Tuesday night – we shared a table with 3 others and that was it for the entire place. Good quality food and unlike most hibachi places, it is ALL served at once so nothing gets cold!

Cafe Stratos

23 March, 2010 | Family Restaurant, Greek | By: Mr Z

An old fashioned family restaurant / diner type of place. While they had a very extensive menu, nothing was very good making this place not too memorable.

The City Club

3 February, 2009 | Bar | By: Mr Z

A clever name for a very dark, typical neighborhood bar with a very limited menu.  The gyro and the burger we ordered were good, but it was another of those places that smelled of very old, stale cigarrette smoke.  Really, these places should have invested a couple of $$ to do a thorough cleaning after […]

Falls Crossing

24 July, 2007 | Bistro, Steak / Seafood, Traditional / American | By: Mrs Z

Very neat looking place and while the menu was impressive, it was just okay.  We were the only ones in there and could almost understand why.  Very pricey entrees and the quality just wasn’t there.