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Tag: Brecksville

Coco Bella Grille

19 September, 2017 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

Coco Bella Grille occupies the space formerly held by Peppermill.  Though the owner is the same, they have decided to take things a little more “upscale”.  When we visited, they had only been “re-branded” for approximately 2 months, so I will forgive some of the issues and chalk it up to the learning curve (hopefully).  […]

Peppermill Pub & Grill

16 February, 2015 | Bar and Grill | By: Mrs Z

This neat little pub was quite a surprise since we had no idea that the strip center in which it’s located even existed.  Tucked back on a little side-street right off Brecksville Road, was a remarkably good bar and grille that was definitely more impressive on the inside than it appeared from the parking lot. […]

Dante’s County Line Saloon

3 July, 2013 | Bar | By: Mrs Z

I just happened to read (unfortunately after the fact) an on-line review of this place that said “…formerly a dive bar….”!!!  FORMERLY ????  This place gives new meaning to the “dive” in DIVE BAR!!!  For those of you who might frequent this particular bar, I’ll apologize in advance (but only half-heartedly) since this may be […]


17 April, 2012 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mr Z

Not sure there’s enough room here for all that was “wrong” with this place. Originally it was the old Spanish Tavern which has been gone for years. After that it was Hunter’s Pub (obviously not terribly impressive since it wasn’t open long), then Bella Moon (also not worth mentioning) and after being closed for a […]

The Courtyard

13 July, 2010 | Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

An excellent little place tucked back in a strip center. They have a huge menu, with everything being homemade and absolutely delicious.  The place was filled to capacity on a Tuesday night, with a 30 minute wait.  A great indication of just how good it is.

London Pickle Works

26 January, 2010 | Bar | By: Mr Z

Such a cool, trendy-sounding name for a……….plain old bar.  The food was actually pretty good and the atmosphere was…….a bar.  No further elaboration needed.

Harry’s Steak House

3 March, 2009 | Steak / Seafood | By: Mr Z

A good old-fashioned steak house. The place was well-aged, the décor was rustic, but the food and service were pretty good.  Definitely not one of those places you hear about unless you live in the area.

2182 Wine Bar

30 September, 2008 | Fine Dining, Wine Bar / Small Plates | By: Mr Z

A really quaint little place right at the corner of Brecksville Road and Rt. 82 (thus the name “2182”).  We really enjoyed this whole experience.  Both the food and the service were outstanding, as was the overall atmosphere.

Eddie’s Creekside

22 April, 2008 | Italian, Pizza, Traditional / American | By: Mr Z

This place is really awesome.  A really nice menu featuring some of everything.  We tried their pizza (excellent), as well as a pecan-crusted chicken, which while it was very tasty, had a little too MUCH pecan crust on it (the chicken was lost).  The service was prompt and friendly and the prices were mid-range. UPDATE:  […]

Bella Moon

15 January, 2008 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mr Z

Formerly Hunter’s Pub – there was nothing noteworthy about this place.  Sort of dark and old inside and both the food and the service were just mediocre (or less).  With all of the fabulous restaurants out there, we can’t see any reason to go back.