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Category: Asian

Wild Mango

29 December, 2016 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

Wild Mango has been at Great Northern Mall for as long as I can remember (formerly Wei Tei) and this is the first time we’ve been through the doors!  I have to admit though, that it was not our intended destination, but it’s where we ended up and we were pleasantly surprised to find that […]

Larb Thai Restaurant

10 February, 2016 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

After hearing that this place had recently opened in nearby Brunswick (which is sadly lacking in anything except fast-food places); and having some friends rave about it; we figured we’d give it a try.  While we both agreed that it wasn’t “bad”, it’s just not someplace we could get excited about.  We’ve had Thai food […]

Brown Sugar Thai Cuisine

18 January, 2016 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

Brown Sugar Thai Cuisine had much promise, but sadly didn’t deliver!  On this Tuesday night, they had a few patrons but for the most part, they were relatively empty.  The service was prompt and the menu interesting.  I started with the coconut soup which was okay, but a little too sweet.  Mr. Z had the […]

Brown Sugar Thai Cuisine

23 April, 2015 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

As many times as we’ve driven by this little hole-in-the-wall; we’d never have thought to try it unless we’d specifically been looking for a Thai place that we’ve never been to before.  This was it – and though as one review we’d read stated….it may not be the BEST Thai in the area, but it […]

Map of Thailand

6 February, 2015 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

As has happened on several other occasions; Map of Thailand was not our original destination on this particular Tuesday night.  I had neglected to call ahead to confirm that the restaurant of choice was still in business and what their hours were.  In the past, we’ve run across outdated websites only to find that our […]

Mama Fu’s Asian House

23 May, 2014 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

A very interesting place and very empty, even for a Tuesday night.  They have only been open at this location (the only location in Ohio as of this date) since January and you would think that being basically IN a mall, they’d be a little more crowded, but perhaps they do a really good lunchtime […]

Bac Asian American Bistro

29 March, 2011 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

Very small menu – The Thai food (Pad Thai) was passable, but we didn’t care for the “Summer Rolls” since I guess we were expecting something along the lines of either egg rolls or spring rolls, and these were served COLD.  Not a fan! Went back for a revisit and sadly, weren’t too impressed the second time […]

Pacific East Japanese/Malaysian

5 January, 2010 | Asian, Japanese | By: Mrs Z

Absolutely authentic Japanese restaurant.  Forget any thoughts of a hibachi steak house, this place was not for the faint of heart when it came to trying new (and exotic)dishes. Additionally, they had some really interesting malaysian dishes and the sushi was very good as well.

#1 Pho

15 September, 2009 | Asian | By: Mrs Z

HORRIBLE place – Strictly authentic Vietnamese food, but the service was bad and the food was really nasty.  The restaurant was recommended by others, however we found out after the fact that this particular location was NOT GOOD.  Wish we’d known ahead of time.  Since we were the ONLY ones in the place, there was […]

Wild Ginger

29 July, 2008 | Asian | By: Mr Z

They had just opened shortly before we visited and while it was a neat concept and the food was pretty good, it had sort of a fast food atmosphere.  The menu selection was ok, but we felt that the $$ weren’t in line with either the place, the service or the food.