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Tag: Brook Park

Hijackers Bar

26 April, 2011 | Bar | By: Mr Z

A bar……….enough said.  Bartender / waitress was really friendly and very attentive.  The food (burger and a chicken philly) were good, but the place was old and gloomy and didn’t seem too clean.  Would have no reason to ever go back.

Pasta Lear’s

22 March, 2011 | Italian | By: Mr Z

Another surprisingly good neighborhood Italian place that looks like it used to be a convenient store. The calzones were excellent – some of the best.  Everything else was pretty good as well.  Prices were reasonable and the only negative was that they were shorthanded the night we were there, so the service was lacking, however given […]

Conti’s Italian Cafe

8 June, 2010 | Italian | By: Mrs Z

This was amazing, awesome, excellent Italian food!  Can you tell we loved it.  It had been recommended by a friend and after several months, we finally tried it.  It’s most definitely a dive place and nothing to look at, but inside it’s clean with good service and amazing (inexpensive) food.