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Next Door American Eatery

20 October, 2019 | Bistro, sandwiches / soups / salads | By: Mrs Z

I guess the overall concept of Next Door American Eatery deserves a thumbs-up, but honestly, we were both pretty unimpressed!  I totally understand the direction that many places are trying to take with the more healthy, “clean”, Vegan, GMO, etc.-conscious menus, but NDAE’s menu wasn’t that big to begin with, so with most of the offerings falling into one of the aforementioned categories, there really wasn’t that much to choose from.  We did start with the Happy Hour nacho special, which didn’t really excite us.  They were just plain old soggy nachos, and didn’t really fit the whole “Happy Hour deal pricing”; nor did their limited beer and wine selection.

All of that being said; there was a bright spot in this adventure.  I decided to order the Next Door Toasted Cuban sandwich and it was excellent!  Just the right amount of everything and the bun/roll it was on was outstanding and very authentically Cuban.  Mr. Z, on the other hand, was less than overwhelmed by his meal.  He just went with the Next Door 50/50 burger and said it had a ‘bitter/sour’ taste to it and suspected it was the mushrooms they put on it.  He commented that he might have been better off had he just ordered a plain cheeseburger.  Additionally, he said that even though the meat was fresh tasting, it was by far, NOT the best burger he’s ever had and it too was somewhat overpriced ($13.95 for burger and fries???).

In any case, our server, Dan, was truly the best part of our experience.  He was super attentive, answered any questions we had, and made some great suggestions.  Though there was nothing “wrong” with Next Door American Eatery, it just isn’t for us!

Next Door American Eatery is located at:

211 Park Avenue, Ste. 115 (PINECREST)

Orange Village, OH

(216) 508-6010


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