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George’s Kitchen

15 December, 2018 | Deli / Diner, Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

Maybe it’s this time of year, but I find myself thinking of soup quite a bit lately and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hearty, thick, stew-like soup, or your basic chicken noodle; but when I was looking online for some ideas for this ‘Tuesday Night’ and happened across the winners of the “Best Soup in Cleveland” contest, I had to check out the list.  There at the top was George’s Kitchen, which won first place for their chicken noodle soup.  I was relatively familiar with where it was located and seemed to remember our daughter saying she had gone there for breakfast many years ago (and thought it was great), so I figured I would check out their menu.

Holy moly – based on their menu; George’s Kitchen reminded me of a typical NY/NJ diner.  The menu was immense and offered 3everything you could possibly think of and for bargain prices!  They have daily specials but once they run out of a particular dish (our waitress said typically by 5:30…..yikes), it is gone and you have to order something else.  That bummed me out since one of the specials that evening was stuffed cabbage and I really wanted to try it, but she said it had sold out by 5:00.  IN any case, without a doubt we had to try their chicken noodle soup and while you could tell it was homemade and very good….neither of us thought it was THE BEST soup ever; particularly since it won out over many other restaurants’ soups (some that we had eaten and loved).  With all of the choices on the menu, we both ended up having eggs, bacon and pancakes.  Perfect over-easy eggs and excellent bacon, but the pancakes were a bit on the ‘heavy’ side.

Regardless, George’s Kitchen was a great find and we plan to re-visit (maybe before 5:30 so we can take advantage of their daily specials).  Great food, excellent service and an outstanding value for your $$.

George’s Kitchen is located at:

13101 Triskett Road


(216) 671-0430


(no website available)

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