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Retro Dog

20 March, 2015 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

What an absolutely FUN place this was!  I can’t think of a better word to describe Retro Dog except FUN!  One of the best parts about it was that even though it’s an old fashioned, curb service, drive-in restaurant; they have a very large dine-in area as well, which (since it’s still winter) we took advantage of.  Another huge plus was that even though they are truly a family place; they also serve beer and since it happened to be St. Patrick’s Day when we visited (we wanted to avoid anything that screamed of bar / pub / Irish…..CROWDED) they had the traditional green beer, but if you didn’t want to go that route; you could have it without the green!  We definitely chose a winner here!

Retro Dog offers a massive selection of made to order burgers and hot dogs, with some really crazy (but delicious-sounding) combinations. The fries are amazing, and like the burgers and dogs, can have several different toppings added to them.  In addition to their great burgers and dogs; they also have tons of really yummy-sounding ice cream treats (shakes and sundaes).

Naturally, we had to try the hot dogs and so we each had one with our preferred combination of sauerkraut (which happened to be GREEN for St. Patty’s Day) and mustard.  Unfortunately, some of the other combinations couldn’t go ‘un-tried’ so I splurged and had one with sautéed onions and blue cheese too.  Though typically reserved for burgers; these toppings work beautifully on a hot dog and it was delicious!

We loved Retro Dog and told the owner; a really nice lady, who was out in the dining area mingling with the customers, that we wished she would expand and open up Retro Dog 2 up in our area!!  Until such time as she does though; we’ll be heading back to this place…..often!

Retro Dog is located at:

350 E. Steels Corners Road

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

(330) 928-3500


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