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Tony’s Family Restaurant

5 September, 2012 | Family Restaurant | By: Mrs Z

If you’re in the mood for a pretty good, homecooked meal for very little $$, then this is definitely the place to go!  Though it wasn’t much to look at on the inside (meaning, it probably hadn’t been updated or remodeled in the past 15+ years), it seemed to be clean and the staff were very warm and friendly.  The menu was diverse, offering everything from quesadillas to chicken paprikash (supposedly their specialty) and definitely covered all the bases.  We played it safe and ordered the turkey and stuffing dinner, and the marinated chicken dinner.  Both came with the soup and salad bar. Being a “salad snob”, I was a little disappointed in the salad bar since there really wasn’t a wide variety of items to add to the lettuce and those that were there, didn’t look very appealing (to ME…like I said, I’m very picky when it comes to salad).  It was sufficient, but “fresh and abundant” isn’t what would come to mind when thinking about their salad bar.  In addition, the dressings were on the bland side.  We were each served one (1) piece of warm, homemade Italian bread which was very good.  The entrees were “ok”.  The turkey may have been the winner here – several thick slices of hot, tender roast turkey.  I’m told (since I didn’t taste it) that the stuffing was good, but a little too “sagey” (he’s not a big fan of that particular spice) and all of this was covered in a ‘blanket’ of turkey gravy (I say ‘blanket’ because it appeared more solid than liquid).  My chicken was an ample (but very thin) piece of boneless, skinless breast and was very tender and juicy but whatever it was marinated in was way too salty for my taste (I got the feeling that there is an “over-seasoning” problem going on – more is not always better).  Both baked potatoes were bordering on cold and could barely melt the butter.  It was hard to tell if they’d been over or under cooked.  Overall it was a decent meal.  Our young server was so nice and attentive that we didn’t even have the heart to complain about any of the issues we had.  She offered us a choice of desserts, but we were both too full for anything else and politely declined.  With 2 alcoholic beverages (yes, they do have a liquor license), we were out the door for less than $27.

 Tony’s Family Restaurant is a free-standing building located at:

1515 W. Pleasant Valley Road in Parma

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