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Rood Food & Pie

6 April, 2019 | Bistro | By: Mrs Z

I know that in the past, some of our posts have sounded a little ‘over the top’, but trust me when I say, without any exaggeration, Rood Food and Pie is seriously AMAZING!!!!  I have to say that initially I had my doubts when checking out the menu online.  Even Mr. Z (this was his pick) had some reservations about a place that had such a limited menu, but by the time we finished our meal, we couldn’t find anything we DIDN’T like.  Every single aspect of our experience at RF&P was perfect – without exception.  Unlike some places we’ve visited over the years, this truly was an “experience”, not just a meal.

I could elaborate on all of the menu items, but it’s far easier to check out their menu online.  Our awesome server, Damon, was so incredibly friendly, helpful and super knowledgeable about everything from the beer selection to how the pies are made.  He made it so much easier for us to choose what to order, suggesting certain combinations and how they paired well together.  We did order the Yucca chips, which are the only “side” on the menu.  At first, I was a little disappointed that there were no appetizers, salads, fries, or any additional sides other than the Yucca chips, but quickly found that nothing else besides our entrees was really necessary.  After consulting with Damon, I decided on the Thirsty Dog Smokey Joe, which was outstanding and certainly shareable!  Mr. Z went with the Tangy Malaysian Chicken.  He took one bite of the chicken before even assembling his slider and was blown away.  Each order comes with 3 house-made rolls (Cardamom and/or Curry) which are delicious.

So much thought was put into how each of these flavors worked so well together.  Even the rolls used to make the individual sliders enhanced the finished product.  At first, I wondered if without sides or appetizers, we would be satisfied with the amount of food (that’s just ME) and in the end we couldn’t quite finish everything.  The portions are quite generous and the overall presentation is beautiful.

I could go on, but I guess I should move on to the PIE.  Ordinarily, we never have dessert immediately after a meal.  On occasion, we’ve been known to order (if it sounded like something we couldn’t pass up) and take it home for later.  Since pie is one of RF&P’s signature items, we were determined that no matter now stuffed we were; pie was going to be consumed then and there.  Mr. Z had the Brandy Banana Cream which was so good (the two bites I had) that I considered trading him for mine, which was the new selection on the menu as of that day.  It was Lemon Meringue / Raspberry and while it was very good, I preferred the Banana!!!

The icing on the cake was that as we were finishing up, we were able to meet and chat with the owner, Brian, and let him know how great everything was and that we have become huge fans of RF&P.  He was really down to earth and seemed to truly appreciate any and all feedback.  We had nothing but super positive things to say about every minute of our experience.  Since I’m pretty sure that after reading this, you have an idea how we felt about Rood Food & Pie, but if there’s any doubt…..PHENOMENAL!

Rood Food & Pie is located at:

17001 Madison Ave.

Lakewood, OH

(216) 712-4506


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